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As reported in the body of the various pages of this website, it is strongly emphasized that the digital presence of the artist is only supported by the following online sources, listed as follows:

ARTATELIER.ORG (this website)

ILDIPINTO.ORG (the website specifically created for Italian readers)

RAISULI.COM (the official biographical website)

RAISULIOIMARTANCREDIVALVO.COM (automatic redirection on the official biographical website)

KINEMOVIK.COM (cinematic video-promotional platform based in Rome, supported by YouTube.com – Google LLC – Mountain View, California, United States)

⚠️ Any other digital source (website / email address / social network / blog / web profile / etc.) that refers to the artist’s identity is to be considered fraudulent, fictitious, deceptive, abusive and illegal.

The artist is not directly (nominally) present on any social network of the web (with the exception, of course, of indirect and legally authorized social networks, to which the websites listed above refer via explicit links)