📃 Authenticity Certificate


The relevant Certificate of Authenticity is attached to each work of art. In this regard, consult the Reservation and purchase section. The Certificate has legal value, is issued in a single format (single copy) and is NOT repeatable (Certificate cannot be reproduced in case of loss).


The Certificate of Authenticity is a paper document designed to unequivocally establish the authorship of a specific work of art. It creates an inseparable link between the pictorial work and the name of its author. The Certificate has a unique alphanumeric code. In it there is a photographic image of the painting, all the main technical data of the work are reported, the cataloging number of the painting and the name of the author. Along with this data there is naturally the handwritten signature of the author himself.


The Certificate of Authenticity, as a matter of practice, always follows the work to which it is connected. If the latter is resold to other buyers over the years, it is transferable from time to time to each new buyer as additional documentation.


Each Certificate of Authenticity is issued in a single copy. In the event of loss or destruction of the Certificate itself, it cannot be reproduced as the issuing of a duplicate would create a dangerous documentary copy that could potentially be used to falsify the work of art in question. Producing a copy of the Certificate would distort the authentication value of the first Certificate issued. For these reasons, the Certificate must be carefully guarded, hidden from the public (to preserve the confidentiality of the codes contained therein) and should always follow the work of art to which it refers.


The issuing of the Certificate of Authenticity is a practice, it occurs automatically upon sale of the work and does not produce any increase in the purchase price of the work of art to which it is connected.