Booking · Preliminary information

By pressing the “BOOK A WORK” button at the bottom of this page you will access the definitive booking page relating to a work of art chosen by the customer.

To choose the work to reserve, simply select it from the appropriate menu (the drop-down menu contains all the works of art still available on this platform, indexed by title and related work code).

It is possible to book only one work at a time: if you wish to purchase multiple works it will be necessary to repeat the booking procedure for each single work to be purchased.

Filling out the form is extremely simple, as is the entire contractual purchase procedure (guided procedure, step by step, to be completed with peace of mind, even over several days, for the customer’s convenience).

Booking a work of art is an operation aimed at the purchase of the work by the customer (transfer of ownership) and its consequent shipment to an address determined by the customer (anywhere in the world).


A – You are about to book a single work of art. Completing the following document implies that the work of art in question will be permanently BLOCKED for your purchase. The work of art is a unique example in the world (original) and will no longer be purchasable by other buyers.

B – In addition to blocking the work, the booking procedure involves:

  • 1) The stipulation of a paper purchase CONTRACT. The text of the contract will be sent to the customer via e-mail (attachment in PDF format) to the email address entered by the customer when completing the form. Once the contract has been received, the customer will take care to print it (at his/her convenience), read it carefully, fill it in its entirety, sign it, scan it or photograph it (not having a scanner, a cell phone photo is sufficient for each page, as long as the text and signature on each page are perfectly legible. In this regard there are numerous telephone applications with photo scanning function) and send it back to the artist via e-mail.
  • 2) Communication to the customer (via e-mail) of the exact amount and bank details to make the BANK TRANSFER (bank details). Payment for the work of art, including shipping costs, is always anticipated.
  • 3) [only in case of export] The initiation of the request for ministerial unblocking of the work (EXPORT CLEARANCE) in order to export it, in accordance with the law, outside the Italian national territory. The bureaucratic timescales for issuing the aforementioned authorization can normally take up to 30 days (except for government delays independent of our organization). The customer (paying and waiting) will be constantly updated regarding the progress of the aforementioned request.
  • 4) The technical packaging of the purchased work and the consequent SHIPPING (in this regard, the coordinates for online tracking of the shipment will be communicated to the customer).
  • 5) [only in case of export] For all non-European destinations (⚠️ sometimes also for destinations towards EEC countries) it is necessary to proceed with CUSTOMS CLEARANCE of the work. When the work of art arrives in the country of final destination, the buyer will be contacted (generally by telephone call, e-mail or telephone message) by the shipping agent and/or customs inspector in charge, who will communicate to the buyer the exact amount to be paid (customs duty) to complete customs clearance and, therefore, entry (import) of the work of art into the country of destination. Clearly, in the aforementioned communication, the methods and details for making the payment will be specified. THE COSTS RELATED TO THE CUSTOMS CLEARANCE OF THE WORK OF ART ARE ALWAYS PAID BY THE BUYER.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: the refusal by the buyer and/or the prolonged unavailability of the same for the purposes of making the payment necessary for the customs release of the work of art (in custody at customs) irreversibly invalidates the delivery operation of the the work of art in question. In this case, no responsibility for the failure to deliver the purchased work can be attributed to the artist who sells the work and with whom the purchase contract was previously stipulated.

C – Once completed, the booking operation is contractually binding. This means that you have chosen to make a commitment with the artist to purchase the work and to pay for it using the methods required by the contract (bank transfer).

D – Together with the re-sending (via e-mail) of the paper contract completed and signed by the customer, the latter will also be asked to send (again via e-mail) the scan (or photo from a mobile phone, as long as it is legible) of a valid identity document (Requesting a copy of the identification document is absolutely necessary by law).

We reiterate that, despite the apparent “amount of information” to keep in mind: the “compilation of the form”, the subsequent phases of “contractual stipulation”, the “payment” and the sending of the “identification document”, the purchasing procedure is actually very simple. The purchase phases are guided step by step and can be concluded in complete convenience by the customer who purchases the work, even in several subsequent days. Basically, after sending the form from this site, all communications will take place via e-mail, until the work is shipped. In this regard, we tend to underline that this communication is not automated: you will not have to respond to automatically generated emails but, on the contrary, you will always and only speak with a natural person, attentive to all your requests and needs for clarification.