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Production 2023


Phoenix · work code AW23

Arctic Sibyl

Arctic Sibyl · work code DS6F

Pair in Black, Canvas A

Pair in Black · Canvas A · work code 5R8F

Pair in Black, Canvas B

Pair in Black · canvas B · work code 5R8F

Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness · work code 2Y3E

Every Path

Every Path · work code SZ85

Tehran, Veiled Women

Tehran, Veiled Women · work code 29A3

Central Africa, Diplomatic Corps

Central Africa, Diplomatic Corps · work code 26NF

Freetown, Dinner at the Open Restaurant

Freetown, Dinner at the Open Restaurant · work code DS95

Synthetic Intelligence

Synthetic Intelligence · work code XS59

Conakry, Market

Conakry, Market · work code XV9G

Hsinchu, Traditional Taiwanese Dances

Hsinchu, Traditional Taiwanese Dances · work code 55FE

The arrival of the Turtle Doves

The arrival of the Turtle Doves · work code E7H3

Calabrian Appetizer

Calabrian Appetizer · work code DC2S

The Garden between the Hedges

The Garden between the Hedges · work code SC49

Portrait of Ilaria

Portrait of Ilaria · work code E45K

Oxidation of a Dream

Oxidation of a Dream · work code 88SV

Siesta Time

Siesta Time · work code 4J9A

The Disagreement

The Disagreement · work code LB4S

The Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa · work code TT72

Izyum, Ukraine, 2022

Izyum, Ukraine, 2022 · work code 6FT3

Portrait of Sophia

Portrait of Sophia · work code C20N

Wild Ride

Wild Ride · work code DL59

At the Antipodes

At the Antipodes · work code 64E6

Glacial Hemorrhage

Glacial Hemorrhage · work code AL4F

The Smell of the Oil Mills

The Smell of the Oil Mills · work code 639E

Urban Chaos

Urban Chaos · work code BU96

Lunar Apotheosis

Lunar Apotheosis · work code 45DP

Taipei, City Center

Taipei, City Center · work code S94F

World Eaters

World Eaters · work code 21N2