ART ATELIER · IS NOT AN E-COMMERCE. This website DOES NOT PROVIDE ONLINE PAYMENT METHODS (CREDIT CARD) of any kind. ART ATELIER · falls into the so-called category of SHOWCASE WEBSITES, also called ADVERTISING WEBSITES. In this regard, we tend to underline that the sale of works of art takes place exclusively following contact of an epistolary nature (telematic correspondence by means of: e-mail) and following the stipulation of a purchase contract in paper form. The aforementioned contract is sent electronically to the buyer (who will take care to print it on paper, read it carefully, fill it in in all its parts, sign it and send it back to the artist electronically). In addition, the site does not provide a “shopping cart”, the site does not provide a customer registration database. Lastly, the site does not send any newsletter aimed at customer loyalty. For these reasons does not include itself in the e-commerce category.

ART ATELIER · deliberately does not represent a company/corporate form.

ART ATELIER · does not represent a foundation as it deliberately lacks a deed of incorporation and statute.

ART ATELIER · exclusively represents the identity of the artist (natural person), as a freelancer and author of his own works.