Siesta Time

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Siesta Time · work code 4J9A

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purchase dateacquired in the portfolio
estimated current value in €consult the updated Price Table
identification of the subjectabstract painting/reconstructivist work
materials and techniquesoil on canvas/mixed media/material work
measurements in centimeters cm80 x 60 x 1,8
inscription techniqueoil
inscription positionon the back/bottom/right
authenticity certificateissued at the same time as the sale
art multiplesno print issued
state of conservationintact work
location of the workRome · Italy
copyright© all rights reserved · global · S.I.A.E.

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Raisuli Oimar Tancredi Valvo · L'ora della Siesta ·  2023 · Picture 0 · © All rights reserved S.I.A.E.
Siesta Time · work code 4J9A

Description of work

Siesta Time

Siesta Time” is the depiction of the dazzling light typical of the early hours of the afternoon and which prevents us from sleeping when we want to. Very simply.
The work is meager. No frills. And it is among the dream-like works performed by the author.
The light enters from the opening located in the central part of the right half of the canvas. It is the source that triggers the semantics of the work. A work denied upstream. Since the “siesta” would presuppose a chromatic context in the shade. Light therefore denies the very presupposition of representative intent. It is therefore not a source of thematic development but of annihilation. Here, the light illuminates the painting but is antagonistic to the pictorial theme. In other words, the light prevents the very development of the theme.
It is the contrast between the search for the REM phase, which leads us to sink into the deepest sleep, and the most complete solar glow. On the other hand, the left half of the canvas is subject to integral luminescence.
Therefore, not rest but the difficulty of falling asleep.
The key to the work is inherent in this interference.
Just when our mind is ready to abandon itself to the subconscious, which begins to make its way and tingle inside our psyche, the external factor keeps us lucid, creating an overlap of conscious and unconscious synapses which, as things stand, cannot coexist.
The dynamics of the work are therefore shaped by an intrinsic basic nervousness, expressed in sudden traits and directional changes. A set of serpentines, quadratures, circles, lines and graphic symbols scattered chaotically throughout the body of the work. All desperately searching for their own space, their own meaning and their own function. A meaning that, however, they struggle to find, remaining, on the contrary, suspended in a middle phase. Stalled. It is therefore from the precise confusing disorder deriving from remaining in such a specific zone of our space-time perception, that the structural elements of the composition establish their essence. The reason for their existence on the canvas.
The work is connected to another work by the author: “Oxidation of a Dream“, also from 2023, in which, however, the set of elements finds its logical and dreamlike flow.
Here too, as in “Oxidation of a Dream“, there is a three-dimensionality of the pictorial layers, which implies a wide depth of field. The white areas on the left flatten this depth, reducing it to a minimum and preventing its progress.
Furthermore, the work is part of a more generic quintet of studies, all from 2023, including (in addition to the work just mentioned): “Portrait of Ilaria“, “The disagreement” and “The Horn of Africa“.

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